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Tranquil Chews plus Melatonin


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Helps reduce stress and tension. Great for storms, fireworks, travel, and grooming. Designed for dogs of any breed, size, or age. Comes in 120 soft chew pack.

“My German Shepherd mix is somewhat hyper and sometimes in the evening I just want some quiet time without him constantly wanting attention, wanting to go out, come back in, go out again, etc. I know, he probably needs some obedience training, but he does okay most of the time. I’ve been trying these chews out for a while and wanted to be sure that it wasn’t just a coincidence that every time I give him some, after a while he curls up and goes to sleep. So, yes, it seems to be every time he gets some he calms down. Not knocked out or drugged up. Just calmer. My other dog doesn’t need them because she’s very laid back already. But she is afraid of fireworks, so I plan to have these around for the Fourth of July.” ~Satisfied Customer

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Weight 12.6 oz
Dimensions 12 x 8 x 5 in


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